Digital Marketing, What Are We Talking About?

Digital marketing uses new technologies to set up a process that will build and maintain a business relationship through the Internet. This process will facilitate exchanges and satisfy both parties: the buyer looking for added value and the company offering its offer.

Digital marketing is a necessity for organizations because of the strong digitization of buyers: 80% of buyers look for a product or service on the Internet before selecting a supplier.

The objective of digital marketing is to position the company in front of it’s audience of buyers and to be able to exploit this one to make progress the commercial performance.

Benefits of digital marketing for a company

  • Reduction of the sales cycle through the right timing of contacts
  • Reduction of prospecting costs
  • Brand awareness
  • Increase customer satisfaction through targeted and adapted messages
  • Digital marketing contributions are measurable
  • Costs controlled by an adapted approach

Digital marketing enables the Internet to become an effective relay that contributes to increasing turnover.

Digital marketing components

Digital marketing uses different tools to set digital strategy to life and achieve concrete results.

Website Designing: creation of an ergonomic site, where the customer experience makes it possible to generate contact or even sales directly.

Natural referencing or SEO: make your company website visible in the first results of search engines. Buyers must find your offer when searching the internet.
Internet Advertising or Display Advertising: reinforce the natural presence of the company by targeted Internet advertising adapted to target market usually approached prospects.

Email marketing: build tailored messages and send emails that address lead generation concerns. Emailing makes it possible to establish a tailor-made contact and generate material for field prospecting.

Content management: the content of the website must provide visitors with value-added information in relation to their search engine searches. This can be done through product sheets, white papers or case studies.

Social networks: depending on the sector of activity or the products sold, it can be interesting to use social networks to create a powerful link between the company and customers to generate business.

Leads Nurturing, Retargeting… tools: Internet traceability makes it possible to exploit the behaviour of buyers to adjust and target the messages sent.

Digital Marketing Objectives

  • Reaching the right buyer audience
  • Engage a relationship with buyers
  • Motivate buyers to establish a contact (form, email, phone…)
  • Optimize the return on investment of Internet visibility implementation

The overall objective of digital marketing is to be able to generate sales or qualified contacts (leads) from the research that buyers do on the Internet.

Our perfect mastery of the latest Internet technologies allows us to accompany you in an efficient digital strategy adapted to your human and financial resources.

There is no global digital strategy to implement, but there are digital marketing actions adapted to your situation that will participate in the construction of your global digital strategy.


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